NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

   4 years ago at the Dupont campground in Delisle, when Thomas and Jesse were still in scouts. I think Jack Trepagnier supplied the fake swords.

   After clearing out the lunch buffet at Nirvana on Magazine, Zack and I decided it would be prudent to put the extra calories to good use and explore some of the West Bank. We got off the Crecent City Connection and headed down General De Gaulle until it led to a bridge that took us over the ICW into Belle Chasse. We cruised along the levee, and the urban landscape quickly fell away as we found ourselves amidst large plots of land complete with cows and hay bales. We pulled off onto a gravel shoulder and crossed the levee, revealing the Mississippi River and a lone metal dock that we used to take in the view. (1/4).


   Several large ocean tankers anchored in place. I wonder what they are waiting for? (3/4).

   The gravel path on top of the levee. It would be interesting to get a mountain bike or something with fat tires and ride the levee south all the way to Venice. Generally you can get a clear view of the river from the top of the levee, as opposed to driving alongside it on the road below. (4/4).

   In New Orleans, Halloween is taken seriously, and lasts for a week or more. Weekend number one snuck up on us, and we found ourselves scurrying to throw together costumes at the last minute. Trevor went as Mario, Mike went as Disco Vader, Eric went as Eddie Money, Annette went as Daphne (Mango as Scooby Doo lol), Zack went as Superman, and I went as Salvador Dali (I was clueless for ideas and Annette recommended Dali -- she says historical figures are always a good idea, and I was able to tote around one of her paintings). I don't know who the cat girls are. Wait, I think the one on the right is named Adrian? The one on the left was sloshed. (1/2).

   Take 2. (2/2).

   Browsing around the New Orleans Music Exchange, on Magazine and Louisiana.

   I mean, what more does anyone need in a backyard?

   Even though walking to and from work takes about an hour, I really enjoy it because I feel so much more connected to the city compared to when I drive or ride my bike. Also, there are at least ten viable routes between Uptown and the CBD (pretty much anything that runs parallel to St. Charles), so one can really mix it up for different scenery every day. Here I found a small dog park compressed between Coliseum and Camp -- a real joy to experience as the sun is setting.

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