NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

     11-24-2014     Nothing beats a good serving of eggs. I usually prefer them scrambled. Something about egg white on its own grosses me out -- I feel like I'm eating eyeballs. But I've found that if I cook them sunny side up at ridiculously high heat, the whites get super crispy on the bottom, almost like a cracker, and the eyeballs experience doesn't happen. Also, runny yolks. Proof that God loves us.

     11-24-2014     A view of the city, from the top of the Buddhist temple on Camp St. Erik is a member of the temple, and has been carrying out some maintenance projects there. He got me involved with the most recent task, which involved laying down stick tile in a renovated bathroom.

     11-23-2014     I was walking down the Boardwalk when I noticed this behemoth doing a u-turn in the river.

     11-23-2014     Canal St.

     11-23-2014     Mom and Dad went to Starkville this weekend to see Vandy get obliterated by State. Annette and I were tasked with feeding the pets while they were gone -- they recently got Samson, a foolishly cute and fluffy pomeranian puppy from the same breeder as Mango (he is literally so fluffy that he looks like a bear). So the grand total for pets currently: 4 cats and 3 dogs. I'm not sure when we will reach petting zoo status, but we can't be far off. We went to the Pass for a stroll and coffee at the Cat Island Coffee House whose view is just as excellent as their brew (above). (1/4).

     11-23-2014     Annette and I thought it would be a good idea to try to have a little get together at the house on Saturday night, so we invited all of our friends that were still in the area -- only Zack, Sean, and Ashton showed up lol. Brats were cooked on the grill alongside a massive length of french bread doused with olive oil and parmesan, beef was roasted in the crock pot, and we all enjoyed Ashton's flavored cigarillos on the back patio, before taking a nose dive and watching Tim and Eric's billion dollar movie. (2/4).

     11-23-2014     After showing up to the house, Sean made his way to the garage, tall boy of Steel Reserve in hand, and discovered the drum set, surrounded by all sorts of Allard house artifacts that have been marinating for years. If you can't tell already, the answer is yes -- Sean is a veteran of Portland. (3/4).

     11-23-2014     Since Samson ends up eating the cat's food before they do, we now feed all the cats together on a table set up in the living room. Our house is slowly but surely becoming more habitable for animals than for humans. (4/4).

     11-22-2014     Learning the Yokogawa safety control system -- after toiling around in the software, setting up all the cards in the chassis, and getting everything communicating properly, I was finally able to turn on a light!

     11-18-2014     Sean works downtown as a short term programmer for a company that does something with BP oil spill claims. The employees were given the unfortunate "opportunity" to work late on Wednesdays, so Sean ended up crashing at my place after the long day (he regularly commutes from Waveland). We started the next day off right with a strong mug of Maxwell House.

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