NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

   One Shell Square Floor 33, long after everyone else has gone home.

   Near Carondelet and Howard.

   Bound for Poydras, near Carondelet and Euterpe.

   I know palm trees in the middle of New Orleans aren't really part of the natural setting, but I love them anyway. Uptown, on Carondelet.

   After browsing the sights and shops of Freret, Zack and I hit the Mojo coffeehouse and enjoyed the local newspapers and magazines. Later in the afternoon, we ended up on the other side of town, in need of coffee once again, and we happened upon the other Mojo on Magazine. Cute baristas, strong brew, and a hip atmosphere. How about that?

   Early morning, on the corner of Napoleon and St. Charles. The hour long walk to the CBD by way of St. Charles is as scenic as it gets.

   It was refreshing to step away from the excel spreadsheets for a minute to do some hands on work.

   After the many times we have visited Mike at his place in the warehouse district, we finally made it up to the roof-side pool.

   Saturday morning, complete with a shirtless/chained Zack drinking pour over, a Costco magazine featuring a joint interview with Stephen King and Anne Rice, and Larry's only noticeable Halloween decoration.

   The view of the neighbors very green backyard, best enjoyed while doing dishes at the sink.

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