NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

   Yet another evening stroll on the beach. Near Menge Ave. and HWY 90.

   The last day in Starkville! Big thanks to Dom and Josh for helping us move out! (1/4).

   A caffeine break with Lou at T-bones in Hattiesburg. (2/4).

   We took Jesse's car up to Starkville for the moveout. Given to him by his father, Jesse takes to the streets in this poshed out lawyer whip driving only two speeds: fast, and Batman. We evaded all legal concerns by letting him sleep in the back. (3/4).

   Running through campus one last time was kinda sad. Starkville has been home for the last six years, and even though it didn't top the charts as one of America's best cities, there were countless memories made here. Here is my last view of Starkville on the way out, just after the afternoon t-storms rolled through. I enjoyed a last supper of hibachi at Sake with the gang, an OEC clone near Zaxby's, and then took off towards New Orleans in the Penske with Thomas as co-pilot. (4/4).

   Glad to be home from Lucedale for a week, Thomas parades down Market St. in the Pass.

   USA vs. Portugal 2014. I don't usually get interested sports, but I was at the computer when Thomas and Clint started watching the game, and I ended up really getting into it. At one point I left to go pick up a spaghetti dinner from the church and found myself rushing to get back home and see what I missed! Chester watched the game too!

   Bored after dinner, I rode the Schwinn down to the beach and walked the sandbars. The nice thing about the coast is, when there is no one around and nothing to do, the beach will always be there for you! (I didn't want it to come out that corny).

   Thomas came home from Lucedale for the weekend so we loaded up the kayaks and headed to the Pass Isles. The Isles have a lot of small streams and bayou-type waters, so the journey is more smooth and scenic than paddling out in the Bay. We made a circuit from Jamaica Ave. on the bay side north to Mallini Point, then down through the Isles to the Henderson Point boat launch, and then back to Jamaica. (1/3).

   Underneath the Henderson Point bridge. (2/3).

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