NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

   After abusing the Keurig machine at work all day, it was nice to come home, fire up the kettle, and kick back with a fresh cup of Maxwell House. Ten cups of coffee a day? No, I don't have a problem. You haven't heard? MH is the best coffee there is.

   Laughs and drinks, at the Bulldog on Magazine. From left: Alex, Zack, Sean, and I.

   An entrance to Audubon Park, from the Fly.

   With Alex being on the coast for a short while, I pestered him into helping me work on the Corolla's brakes. Several months back, the Toyota dealership told me that I needed to replace the front set of brake pads and the rear set of brake shoes. No way was I going to pay $300 for all that. We made a trip to the auto parts store, loaded up, brewed coffee, and set to work. The front brake pads had plenty of wear left. Brake fluid looked good. No wonder they call it the Stealership. The rear passenger tire was rusted to the drum brake, and we beat on it with some Lord of the Rings grade sledgehammer to knock it loose. By that time we were fairly bored, and remembered that working on Toyota's is strictly optional, so we called it a day and roamed the streets until sunburn set in.

   The Bay, from North Beach Blvd.

   A stroll, near HWY 90.

   Yet another Saturday night on the coast, first stop being at the Mockingbird on 2nd. St. The night life in the Bay has been building slowly over the past few years -- first with the Mockingbird, and now with venues such as The Ugly Pirate, The Blind Tiger, Trapani's, and 200 North Beach. With Alex in town for a few days, and Zack and Sean both being back home, we took to the streets as the original squad, exchanged coin for drink, and eventually called it a night after witnessing the defeat of LSU by State at the Blind Tiger. Hail State.

   The train bridge, seen from the Bay Harbor.

   We all hopped in Erik's car and made a city escape to the river last weekend, meeting Eric, Abbey, and Zeta on the way. The destination was the Okatoma Creek, a popular kayaking and canoeing spot just north of Hattiesburg. It's a fun route -- there are plenty of great spots to swim, and several beginner level rapids. Fiji from State was there, and I ran into Dom and his schwasted frat bros along the way. The first taste of fall appeared that day, and we all enjoyed the break from the relentless heat of summer. From left: Me, Trevor, Erik, Bethany, Skip, Abbey, Eric, and Zeta.

   I finally got off my ass and on my bike, leaving Uptown for reasons other than work. I made a circuit from St. Charles up through Bayou St. John to Lakeshore, and then returned back to Uptown on the other side of City Park. Blasted by beautiful scenery the whole way, this small excursion really stoked my appetite for more city explorations on the Schwinn. (1/4).

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