NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

     11-18-2014     Sean works downtown as a short term programmer for a company that does something with BP oil spill claims. The employees were given the unfortunate "opportunity" to work late on Wednesdays, so Sean ended up crashing at my place after the long day (he regularly commutes from Waveland). We started the next day off right with a strong mug of Maxwell House.

     11-16-2014     I got cramped up in the city again, so I jumped in the corolla and hit the road heading east. After rolling through Chalmette I got on HWY 46 and headed into the marsh country. Fishing camps, trailers, boat slips, and trucks. The first stop was in Hopedale, which is a community that is entirely dedicated to fishing -- there wasn't really much to see or do, but the scenery was definitely out of the ordinary, and that's what keeps bringing me back to this part of Louisiana. The whole experience of the salty air, the vastness of the marsh, the lonely highways, and the deep blue skies. After watching the shrimp boat above slug along for a while, I hopped back in the car and backtracked a bit, pulling off near Shell Beach, which sits on the west side of Lake Borgne, and reminisced about our adventure out to Fort Proctor some years ago, which sits about a quarter mile off Shell Beach in the marsh. If you ever get a chance, check it out -- it's only a 15 minute paddle away from land. (1/3).

     11-16-2014     The road to Hopedale. (2/3).

     11-16-2014     Shell Beach. (3/3).

     11-16-2014     Laziness in the afternoon.

     11-16-2014     The TSI bitmasters volleyball team (well, just those who showed up for the last game). For the past 8 weeks or so, we played volleyball at White Sands in Metairie against other rec teams in the area. We only won one game. But hey, we had a good time! Some of the other teams knew how to do all the fancy stuff, like setting and spiking. I was just happy to get the ball over the net half of the time. Back row, from left: Me, Alan, Chris, David, Jordan. Front row, from left: Vivian, Eric, Woodley, and Annette.

     11-08-2014     I reluctantly went into the office for a bit on Saturday to get caught up on some things. The weather has been cooling off though, and the scenery on the way was spectacular as usual. Is this really a commute? I don't think so. Near Camp and Melpomene. (1/4).

     11-08-2014     (2/4).

     11-08-2014     I think I was one of maybe 5 people in all of One Shell Square today. It was eerie being in such a large building that was so empty. I took a break in one of the conference rooms on floor 33 and enjoyed the view. The large building directly ahead is the Capitol One Building. If you look out into the distance, you can see the lake. (3/4).

     11-08-2014     Between Washington and Louisiana, on Camp. (4/4).

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