NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

   Something about the large open fields and oak trees at City Park makes me feel like it would make a great location for a Civil War battlefield. (1/2).


   We came across an authentic rat bike wandering between bars in Mid-city. A rat bike, per Wikipedia, is: keeping a motorbike on the road for the maximum amount of time while spending as little as possible on it. This bike looks more like a work of art than a form of transportation.

   Following Zack and Mike around Canal Street, in search of a hat store.

   A few blocks down from where I live there is a small commercial area with several convenience stores, restaurants, and dessert joints. After lunch set in and we needed more coffee, we walked down to Manhattan Jack on Prytania. Its a low key area, nicely tucked away in the residential maze of Uptown.

   Some sort of engineering sculpture on Tulane's campus.

   After roaming around Tulane's campus for a bit, Zack and I took lunch at the Freret St. Cafe several blocks west of Broad. The location appears to be an old converted gas station, with all the seating outside.

   If you live Uptown and get bored, go for a walk around the Audobon golf course. Or better yet, play some golf. In the distance you can see the steeple of the church on Loyola's campus, the Capitol One building, and One Shell Square.

   Broad and St. Charles.

   After Zack left town and the Sunday chores had been mostly taken care of, it seemed foolish to waste the rest of the day doing anything other than riding my bike, so I hit the road and headed West. At first I took the bike path near the Fly, but it was closed several miles up river, so I headed back east towards City Park and eventually further east towards the French Quarter, Marigny, and Bywater, making Crescent Park the halfway point. Fall is finally setting in. Pictured is the nicely shaded Esplanade, a well paved route connecting City Park with the French Quarter and Marigny. (1/6).

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