NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

   Heading to Waveland from New Orleans to visit Sean in Waveland again. He is still living at home with his parents until he gets back on his feet, but he has enjoyed spending extended time at home for the first time in a couple years. We hung out on the porch, walked around, goofed off a bit, and had a nice chicken dinner prepared by his mother. (1/5).

   A stretch on Lower Bay Rd., near Port Bienville. Not far from HWY 90 and the border with Louisiana, this lonely area has always been interesting to me -- not much of a civilization out here, save for the secluded industry at the Port and several fishing communities here and there. I would love to come out here and explore the swamps and small waterways with the kayak. (2/5).

   A piece of land on Coleman Ave. Sean said Mr. France, our religion teacher back at SSC, used to have a house here Pre-Katrina. (3/5).

   While walking down the bike path we found a nice swing set built up on the hill at Nicholson and Beach Blvd. We sat there for a while, taking in the view. There wasn't much of a breeze, and it was strangely quiet, but very peaceful. We used to spend a good amount of time around these parts in yester-years, especially further down towards Coleman Ave, acting like fools and teening out late at night. If you look down the road a ways, you can see Henderson Point in the Pass across the Bay. (4/5).

   Looking out towards the Gulf, from the swing set. The pier at Coleman Ave. can be seen in the distance. (5/5).

   Two guys on Magazine, drinking beer and such.

   Headed up to Jackson several weeks back to attend Kit and Mollie's wedding as an usher. It was a good time -- ran into a lot of friends that I hadn't seen in a while, and met some new ones. I was especially excited to meet Kit's family that I had heard so much about. The first night was the rehearsal dinner, held at a nice country club venue with a pleasant lake in the back -- the food was Mexican themed, and there was plenty of beer and sangria that went around as friends and family shared kind words about Kit and Mollie. I foolishly forgot to book a hotel, thinking that someone else would have been looking for a hotel-mate, but Griffin was nice enough to let me stay on his couch that night. We all had a great time at the wedding -- seeing Kit and Mollie exchange vows was really special and I truly felt happy watching them begin their lives together -- Kit has been an extraordinary friend to me, and I only hope that some day I get to know Mollie just as well. After the reception, I made my final stop at Eric's, and we stayed up until dawn shooting the breeze on the patio.



   Annette and I had been craving pho, so after the Sunday evening AA meeting Uptown, we headed down St. Charles to Pho Orchid for dinner. We were halfway through our spring rolls when none other than Morris Bart himself strolled in. Morris Bart is a NOLA based personal injury lawyer known best for his catch phrase "One call, that's all!" His face can be seen on numerous billboards around the city. If I was on my toes, I would have told him that I got ran over by an 18 wheeler or something, just so that I could have enjoyed pho every night for the rest of my life.

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