NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

   I finally got off my ass and on my bike, leaving Uptown for reasons other than work. I made a circuit from St. Charles up through Bayou St. John to Lakeshore, and then returned back to Uptown on the other side of City Park. Blasted by beautiful scenery the whole way, this small excursion really stoked my appetite for more city explorations on the Schwinn. (1/4).

   A view of Lake Pontchartrain, from Lakeshore Drive. This is, IMO, one of the most scenic views Greater New Orleans has to offer. Going for an evening walk along this path as the sun sets is hard to beat. I'm foaming at the mouth daydreaming about a trip out here complete with a fishing pole, hammock, novel, coffee and summer sausage on saltines. (2/4).

   A pond in the north side of City Park, near Filmore and Marconi. I'm not really sure what the swampy material is that sits on top of the water, but it looks cool. (3/4).

   The north side of City Park. I enjoyed the rural feel -- there were many abandoned buildings and walkways that seemed to have been forgotten post Katrina, leaving one with ample space to wander and feel isolated. (4/4).

   The forgotten looking pavement brings back memories of kickball, wallball, and tag that dominated elementary school recess. Located just down the block from home at the corner of Napolean and Prytania, the Sophie B. Wright Charter School sits in temporary abandonment as it awaits renovations and a gym addition.

   Pass Christian bound for Labor Day Weekend. Mom and Dad headed up to MA for a wedding, so I was on pet duty at home. I generally take HWY 90 back to the coast, for the scenic views of the marshes and bayous. This is a view of Rigolets Pass, which leads to Lake Borgne, from the bridge near Fort Pike. If you look really closely along the horizon line towards the left, you can see a train bridge -- the railroad runs further south than HWY 90, and we took the Amtrak along it to New Orleans many years ago. The views along that railroad are astounding -- the track runs through the marshes and near the open water. Amtrak service on this stretch of railroad was halted after Katrina, but if it ever returns, I would love to see those sights again. (1/9).

   About all we do in Waveland is sit on the front porch of Sean's house, feed the horses, and go on photo walks. (2/9).

   Watching a storm roll by, at the end of Coleman Ave. in Waveland. (3/9).

   I woke up to Ron and Chester pretending the box spring was a bus! (4/9).

   Cameron and I took the kayaks out to the Bay on Sunday and enjoyed Labor Day weekend the way it should be enjoyed -- on the water. We parked on the beach near the old Baptist Assembly and went for a swim, watching boats as they came and went from the Bay. (5/9).

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