NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

     12-20-2014     A chilly ride down the levee bike path.

     12-14-2014     The Bay Bridge -- seen while wandering around Henderson Point.

     12-14-2014     The neighbor's elaborate Christmas lights on St. Charles. I chatted with the guys who installed them, and apparently there are over 70,000 lights per tree.

     12-13-2014     Second St., sun setting.

     12-13-2014     Heading eastbound on I-10 on the Twin Spans, and enjoying Real Estate, which is always so fitting for the colder months.

     12-13-2014     Samson, ready for his afternoon nap.

     12-13-2014     A morning stroll down Derrick Rd., enjoying the overcast skies.

     12-13-2014     Storm clouds rolling in, near Johnson Rd.

     12-11-2014     Dale Rd. -- the loneliest road in the Pass.

     12-11-2014     Watching these two buffoons take down a Christmas tree was hilarious.

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