NONPICTION -- Stephen Allard

     01-19-2015     Sun sets on Pitt St.

     01-18-2015     The Honey Island Swamp Monsters, at the Maple Leaf. (1/2).

     01-18-2015     From left: Trevor, Zack, Mike, and Annette. (2/2).

     01-18-2015     Looking out the back of the St. Charles street car line.

     01-14-2015     Recently picked up a Nikon 35mm f1.8 prime lens. I had a Tamron 17-55mm f2.8, but the left side of the image was always too hazy, and something smaller and lighter seemed more ideal. I really only used the wide end of the lens anyway, so the new 35mm will force me out of my comfort zone and into a focal length reminiscent of a 50mm on a full frame sensor.

     01-11-2015     Lounging around on a Saturday afternoon, listening to Wild Nothing.

     01-08-2015     Mom and Dad got me this book of photographs for Christmas. The author is Eric Wyble, a resident of Pass Christian who is a plastic surgeon by trade, and an avid photographer and kayaker by hobby. Over the years he has made numerous trips out to Cat Island in his sea kayak, bringing along a camera to document his discoveries. The photos are both mysterious and breathtaking -- the infrared film that Wyble uses captures wavelengths that we can't see with our naked eye. He and his friends have formed a clan of sorts that name themselves the "Cat Island Pirates." It looks like they regularly paddle out to the island, spending the weekends exploring, fishing, and partying. I need to get a seaworthy kayak so I can join them! See more at .

     01-08-2015     I was one of the last people off of floor 33 on New Years Eve. But who cares? The empty conference room had an astounding view of the city below and beyond as the sun set. The windows of One Shell Square are wide and span the entire distance between the floor and the ceiling -- standing near them really makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. If you look off in the extreme distance near the horizon, you can see the Lake.

     01-04-2015     NYE 2014, at the RiverWalk. From left: Alex, Eric, Abbey, Zack, and Sean.

     01-03-2015     The Pass Harbor, filled with a nice layer of fog.

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